Next Fundamental Massage Class for Dog Owner's June 23, 2015

Learn some skills that your dog will thank you for. Join us for a 2 hour hands on class to learn some of the basics of massaging your dog. Massaging your dog can help calm, relieve soreness, give you a better awareness of your dogs health, as well as being a bonding experience.

 Some of the topics we will cover are: 

•When massage can and can't be used 

•How to apply basic techniques

•Most importantly how to know if your dog likes what you are doing 

Our next class is offered on Tuesday June 23, 2015 at 7 PM in Colchester, CT. The cost is $60 and attendance is limited to 8 people. Well behaved dogs are welcome.

 Sign up online today at or contact us at (860) 267-0765 or with any questions.

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