Canine massage

"Dave has a great way of putting dogs, and owners, at ease! My wife and I took his fundamentals of canine massage for owners class last night with our two older dogs. We learned a lot about how to help them relax and get relief from their various aches and pains. Both dogs had a bit more spring in their step today and we look forward to using what we learned to keep them happy!"

"My dog tends to be a very nervous dog with new people (especially men). He made her feel comfortable enough to relax as if they were old friends."


"Interacted perfectly with my dog and addressed problem/tight areas of his muscles. I'm sure he benefited from it."


"My dog is very unsure in new situations and David did an excellent job with him. I highly recommend him."


"My dog is somewhat skittish but she did better than I expected. David is a natural with animals."


"Comfortable atmosphere given by therapist for both owner and dog. For a Jack Russell he did great thanks to the therapist's excellent handling and skills."


"He is very sensitive to pain and has an excellent approach with animals."


"David was very professional in his approach to the dog as well as the massage techniques. I liked that David showed me the knots and stuff he found on my dog."


"A friend mentioned how calm she was afterward!"


"David was awesome. You can tell he has a great heart and a passion for what he is doing. I will certainly have him work on my dog again."


"Enjoyed watching Dave transform Joey into a completely relaxed, calm, happy dog by the end of the session. Totally worth it."


"Dave has helped my 17 year old arthritic dog keep walking :) He is so gentle and patient with her :)"